Prime Wood - Jovontae Turner Napping Negro Re-Issue, Orange


Company: Prime Wood 

Skater: Jovontae Turner 

Dimensions: 8.4”w x 31.75”l

Additional Info: Slick Bottom.  1993 World Industries reissue.

Artist: Marc McKee

Per Jovontae Turner in Thrasher Magazine April 2021: "All of my graphics were my ideas.  I've always wanted to do shit that started controversy, like black exploitation-type shit.  It's all sarcasm, though--making fun of stupidity and learning from history.  I'm a black radical f'sho.  If I wasn't a skater I'd be an activist, so I'm trying to do a little of both: push the envelope, show how stupid people really were back in the day and how it still goes on nowadays."

Condition: 9.5 out of 10.  Slight twist.

Type: Decks